Smoking Cause Memory Declines

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Health & Insurance----Many reasons for you to immediately stop smoking such as death, infertility, cancer, stroke, heart disease and more. One more other reasons is why you should immediately quit smoking is because only with smoking, 33% everyday memory can be lost. 

Then, when compared to someone who does not smoke, smokers are also more memory loss. 
This is a conclusion of research by a team from the University of Northumbria, England. 

By involving more than 70 students aged 18 to 25 years, the research team also found, someone who quit smoking can restore their memory at a level that is almost the same as someone who never smoked.
During the study, students were asked to remember the little things like the music played during student events and other duties, which is a memory test. 
The result, student smokers is only able to remember the little things with the percentage of 59 percent. Lift is far below the results of memory tests to stop smoking which reached 74 percent.
Meanwhile, someone who never smoked at all memory tests reach 81 percent. According to Doctor Tom Heffernan, who led the study, these findings will be very useful for anti-smoking campaign.
"It's important to know the effects of smoking in everyday cognitive functions, one of which is to lower the memory capacity," he said.
This study continues to investigate the effect on memory when a person becomes a passive smoker. 
Doctoral Heffernan and Terence O'Neill will also see the toxic effects of cigarettes left in the curtains and furniture.

Still want to keep smoking?

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