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Health & Insurance----Hi .. all my dear friends... ^_^

In this blog I will share various things about health and insurance. Talking about health would not get out of talking about patterns and a healthy lifestyle. Ranging from personal hygiene, diet, rest, work, sport and includes various diseases when our bodies are no longer healthy.

Health is very important for every human being in this world, so for the sake of their health are willing to spend lots of money to seek treatment when they are sick body.

This is of course also used by some people to profit through the business of health. They built a variety of health facilities such as hospitals and clinics.

Those who are able to pay more for health care this is of course very nice and easy, but for those who can not afford this course is very difficult because it is expensive and costs are very expensive.

For that I also intend to share with all my friends, how to get insurance, especially health insurance that helps pay medical bills when we were treated in health facilities.
It's not all about the insurance that I know. But there is no harm from a variety of experiences, opinions, news and articles that I know will certainly be able to give an overview and guide for the friends who need the insurance, especially health insurance.

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