Know Your Disease From Your Mouth!!

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Health & Insurance----Prevention is better than cure. Adage that have often heard it may be possible with a simple way: brush your teeth and gums clean. According to experts, brushing teeth twice a day can prevent heart disease and stroke. 

It's hard to believe that by brushing a few minutes can give a great impact on health. But the facts show the mouth acts as a 'gate' of the entire body where the teeth and gums can represent a person's health.
"There is additional evidence supporting the fact that oral conditions can have an impact on overall health. Because it is very important to keep your teeth and it may be able to prolong your life, "says clinical director of Dentistry at Ultrasmile, Dr. Thang Nghiem as quoted in the Sun page edition of 22 September 2011.

According to some diseases can be determined from the condition of someone's mouth, such as jaundice, arthritis, anemia, and even HIV. Here are some conditions which might be due to oral disease:

Dry Mouth
Dry mouth is generally caused by lack of drinking water, allergies or smoking. But if you are not in these three conditions and the mouth is dry, be careful, maybe it's a sign of disease Sjogern syndrome. Dr. Nghiem said the syndrome is immune to attack and destroy the glands that produce tears and saliva so that the mouth and eyes become dry. 

Fractured teeth / broken 
This is a sign of reflux, a condition in which acid from the stomach up into the esophagus. This condition can cause heartburn in the stomach and other disorders. Dr. Nghiem said the receding acid should be treated by a doctor.

White tongue 
Tongue that changed color to pale white can mean you contracted oral cancer."The main sign of oral cancer is the tongue pale and sunken cheeks. Another sign is the color of white and red stripes or ulcers in the mouth, "said Dr Nghiem.

Ulcers in the mouth should not be underestimated. That could be the beginning signs of colitis or Crohn's disease. Crohn's disease is an intestinal infection that attacks all the digestive system, including the mouth.

Yellow color under the tongue 
Palate or a yellowing of the bottom surface of the tongue can indicate liver disease. Dr. Nghiem explained both places is the first place that yellowing. If the condition is getting worse, the color yellow will also look at the entire surface is smooth in the mouth.

Reddened tongue 
People who lack the blood can show signs of glossitis, inflammation of the tongue resulting in visible red and slippery tongue. Another sign is the red cracks at the corners of the mouth.

Dr. Nghiem said the thrush could be a first indication of HIV disease. But do not panic first. Thrush can be treated with steroids and antibiotics to rule out other factors.

Other signs of people who have HIV, which is red on the tongue or tongue that look hairy warts or ulcers on the gums, lips and mouth. You are in doubt are advised to consult directly with your dentist or your GP.

Outdated and flat teeth 
Teeth that are worn and the flat could be the one person is usually caused menggertakan teeth. Could be a sign of stress. "Babysitting at the mouth is very important to prevent his old enamel," he said.

Gum disease 
Gum disease is generally caused by dental plaque resulting in redness and infection of the gums and bleeding when brushing your teeth. Dr. Nghiem said the latest study showed no connection between gum disease with heart disease and stroke. "This is because the bacteria in gum disease activates white blood cells that affects heart disease and stroke". In addition, gum disease can also lead to complications content, including premature birth and babies born with weights below normal, "he said.

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Anonymous said...

nice posting, thank you for sharing

Wong Cerbon said...

Good advice for us, and it is true that maintaining oral health is key to overall body health, as said by a U.S. health agency that oral health is essential to general health and well-being and can be achieved. Thanks

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