Cardiac Surgery Siti Arrahma Success

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Health & Insurance----The successful team of doctors from RSAB and Harapan Kita Cardiac Hospital in the operating Siti Arrahma, babies with heart outside is quite impressive. Even so, the team doctor admitted this poor baby's heart can not possibly go up to 100 percent because not enough sockets. 

"At most, only 50 percent who could go, the rest will remain outside. Can not be 100 percent. That's all it was no place," said team chief doctor, Dr. Rudy Firmansyah a news conference in RSAB Harapan Kita, Slipi, Monday (09/26/2011).

Because of limited space inside the chest cavity, the team doctor was not taking any risks by entering 100 percent. If enforced, it is feared even disturbed cardiac function because tehimpit by other organs around the lungs.

As noted Dr. Rudy, chest cavity consists of three compartments or rooms, 2 to the lung and the rest for the heart. In this case, the compartment is left empty heart has been occupied since birth the lungs are expanding.

In the first operation carried out last Wednesday, pediatric heart surgeons managed to incorporate 50 percent of heart Siti Arrahma into the chest cavity.Technically, the rest are still outside though not visible at first glance because it is covered with synthetic leather from bovine pericardium.

Besides not having enough room in the chest cavity, another difficulty faced by a team of doctors, especially plastic surgery is closed defect or hole in the first place there is his heart. Synthetic leather from bovine pericardium is only temporary, the next operation will be made of genuine leather lid.

But the plan of the original cap is not expected to be easy, considering half of the heart was still outside the chest cavity. Plastic surgery team should make such a dome of skin around the heart, which is certainly not easy because of the size of the heart alone reached 10 cm.

Regardless of which option will be taken later, closing the hole defect is one of the most important steps in the operation stage Siti Arrahma. Left open heart rhythm will be disrupted if touched and also susceptible to infection.

"In any case, the main killer is infection. Thus post-operative care will also be very thing we noticed," concludes Dr. Rudy.

Hopefully the next operation a success and Siti Arrahma be saved!

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