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Health & Insurance----SITI ARRAHMA arrival startled the medical community that there is at hospital Permata Hati Duri, Riau on Wednesday (14 / 9), this is because Siti was born with heart conditions are outside. 

Congenital abnormalities that are owned by the son of Khairuddin and Diana is known that when Siti was born on Tuesday (13 / 9) which in medical terms is referred to as Extracardiac.

The baby's heart that comes from Dusun Sialang Desa Rimbun Muara Basung, 
Kecamatan Pinggir Kabupaten Bengkalis Provinsi Riau, are in a position outside the chest cavity.

"This genetic disorder is rare and very rare" said dr. Teddy SpA Ardan, a pediatrician who treated Siti Arrahma in hospital. 
According to him, extracardiac abnormalities experienced by Siti is a congenital process of growing in the womb.

The father, Khairuddin resignation and confusion with her first baby this condition.
"Siti was born under normal circumstances in our house, she was born with a birth assisted by a shaman. But unexpectedly she was born in these conditions," said Khairuddin, who daily work as casual laborers.

"Siti was born weighing 2.9 kg and length 50 cm, but when siti born extremely loud cries. When I picked cleaned by the shaman after birth, I was surprised at the unusual sight because my child's heart outside her chest", said 
Khairuddin added.

This condition is of course very concerned for Khairuddin and Diana, let alone their lives very far from affluent. Surely the cost of treatment for Siti very expensive, and both parents can not afford to finance it.

Must be Referred to Jakarta or Padang

According to drIsmar SpA, one pediatricianSiti should be referred to a hospital in Jakarta or Padang this because there is no pediatric cardiac specialists in Pekanbaru.

"Handling should bebecause if late will be badIf treated quickly the greater the chance of her lifeIn Surabaya case like this ever happenedbecause it wasquickly resolvedthe baby could be saved," said Ismar.

Today Thursday (15 / 9), Siti Arrahma was treated at Ibnu Sina HospitalPekanbaru, she was placed in an incubatorHer parents seemed resigned to facing this reality. They still pray for the safety of their children and hope there are donors willing to provide assistance to treat their daughter.

Hopefully Siti Arrahma be saved!

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JOY said...

Hopefully Arrahma get well soon..

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