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Health & Insurance----The word insurance certainly is not foreign to us, many things that are now protected by insurance such as life and accident insurance, education insurance, health insurance, car insurance, luxury goods and various other insurance.

As a basic understanding of insurance is financial protection systems and measures for the soul, possessions, property, health and others that receive financial reimbursement in case of unpredictable events such as death, accident, damage or illness that involves the payment of regular premiums in the long certain time instead of policies that ensure such protection.

There are 6 basic things that must be met by an insurance system:

  1. Insurable Interest: The right to insure that arise from a financial relationship, between the insured with the insured and must be recognized by law.
  2. Utmost Good Faith: An action to disclose accurate and complete, all material facts about something that will be insured both solicited and unsolicited. Insurers must explain clearly the terms and conditions of insurance, and the insured must also provide a clear statement about the objects insured.
  3. Proximate Cause: A cause of active, efficient cause a train of events that lead to a result without the intervention of which started and working actively from a new and independent sources.
  4. Indemnity: Insurers provide financial compensation for the insured through a contractual agreement made between both parties as a result of loss or damage.
  5. Subrogation: Insured assigned its rights to claim from the insured to other parties who should be responsible to pay the claim in full or in part.
  6. Contribution: The right person to take any other insurer equally bear, but do not have the same obligations to the insured to participate provide indemnity.
I hope with a little knowledge about insurance can help you to better understand, especially for those of you who want to become a participant insurance.

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