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Health & Insurance----Health is a precious thing in human life. With a healthy human body can do all sorts of activities, such as work, study, play, eat, exercise and others. 

Once the importance of health, so many people to save some money they have to prepare them when his illness. Even some of them are willing to spend their money for health care and body so that they stay healthy and fit.

Healthy person's body will increase the creativity and power of thought, and this will certainly enhance the social and economic productivity.

Keeping your body healthy is not easy but not too hard, keep in mind is to keep your diet with nutritious foods, regular breaks, drink plenty of water, exercise and try not to stress.

To remember that in maintaining health is not always required of the costs, we can work around this with various things in accordance with our finances.

For example when we want to keep your diet with nutritious foods, we do not have to buy expensive food with a complete nutrient levels. But we can choose a food that is simple but with the appropriate nutrient levels and is required by our bodies. Another thing that can also do is provide variety on the menu the food we eat daily to avoid boredom and a healthy lifestyle is also maintained.

It could also a cheap exercise like morning walk around the park or doing fitness exercises at home do not have to exercise fitness center.

Let us maintain a healthy body, remember to treat the disease more expensive than health care.

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