Natural Acne Treatment

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Health & Insurance----Acne is a health problem that is always faced by all humans, male or female, teenager or adult who makes them less confident in his appearance. Many causes that can cause acne, such as eating fatty foods, do not treat the face, the error in using cosmetics, lack of rest can also be caused by unhealthy lifestyle.

Today so many products are sold well in stores cosmetics, pharmacy or public places that promise will soon be able to overcome the problem of acne. Anti-acne products ranging from the cheapest price to the most expensive, but there is a question that arise when buying a product that is whether the product is suitable to cope with your acne?

Surely you do not want your acne increasingly damaging your beautiful face. It would be better if we do things the natural way to eliminate acne.

And here are some natural tips to prevent acne and I'm trying to share with my friends.
1. Keep your face clean. Wash your face immediately after outdoor activities to prevent skin surface oils, dust or particles that stick to the face and clog the pores of your face so that it can cause acne.

2. Wear cosmetics according to your skin type or a water-based. This method is also very effective to prevent the occurrence of acne, and try not to often change your cosmetics.

3. Expand the drinking water at least 8 glasses a day. In addition to preventing dehydration of the body, improving digestion, another very good effect with emphasis on drinking water is to prevent the occurrence of acne.

4. Eating foods that contain lots of fiber and vitamins such as vegetables and fruits.Many vegetables and fruits that contain anti-oxidants essential for the body that can prevent the occurrence of acne. Reduce eating foods that contain fat.

5. Pay attention to your hair not on the face, this can also cause acne.

6. Do exercise or activity that produces sweat, so that your metabolism properly maintained.

7. Frequently clean your pillowcase or bed sheet, as many particles and dirt which will move to your face when you wear it.

8. Wear anti-acne mask on a regular basis because it also can prevent and reduce acne.

9. Regular sleep and rest, try to avoid stress.

10. If you have acne, try not to squeeze or break the pimple.

Hopefully the above tips useful for your friends, do not forget to keep them healthy with a healthy lifestyle.

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