The Benefits of Calcium

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Health & Insurance---Calcium is one of the chemical elements contained the wild universe, is the fifth largest element in the earth's crust and in seawater. In the human body, including the mineral calcium that is necessary for health, metabolic processes and is a contributor to about 1.5% of total body weight.

Calcium is needed by all ages, from babies, children, teenagers, adults and parents.can not be made by the human body, but must be supplied from outside the body through food and beverages. Many diseases that arise if someone calcium deficiency such as osteoporosis.

Total requirement of calcium per day for each person is different, for children under the age of six months only need about 200mg, children who have been outstanding for over five years require higher numbers of about 800 mg. The average amount of calcium per day needs of adults is 1000 - 1300mg.

What are the benefits of calcium for the health of our bodies? Here I will try to share some of the benefits and usefulness of calcium for the health of our bodies.

1. Strengthen and healthy teeth and bones.
99% of your body needs calcium absorbed by the teeth and bones, and if the lack of Calcium can cause brittle teeth, bone pain and temporary holes will experience fragility.

2. Streamlining the process of metabolism.
Although only 1% of calcium that is distributed to other parts throughout the body, but without calcium many metabolic processes in your body that will not be running smoothly.

3. Facilitate the circulation of blood flow.
In addition, calcium is helpful in the process of blood clotting. If the content of calcium in the blood is reduced, it will cause the disease hemophilia. Calcium also helps to bind proteins that are transported by blood to be spread throughout the body.

4. Strengthen memory and acts as a neurotransmitter in the cell or brain nerves system.

5. Assist the process of muscle contraction and dilation of blood vessels.

6. Strengthening sperm and facilitate menstruation.
Lack of calcium in sperm will lead to failure of sperm reaching the egg at fertilization in the ovary.
In women, calcium will expedite the arrival of menstruation and make them fertile.

7. Accelerate the growth process.
In infants and children, calcium is needed especially for the growth of bones and teeth as well as strengthen their antibody.

8. Helping the diet.
Accelerate the process of human metabolism must be very good for health. Part of people who are overweight, consume dietary calcium may help the process to decrease their body weight.

That's a number of benefits and usefulness of calcium for the health of our bodies.Hopefully this article useful, and do not forget to always keep your health and always a healthy life.

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