Handwashing Prevent Nosocomial Infections

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Health & Insurance----Hand washing is recognized as the most effective way to prevent the spread of infection since 1840. Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis who served as an assistant in a hospital obstetrics wards of Vienna, Austria, observed that mortality in the maternity ward managed by physicians is higher than those managed by midwives.

From observations done at the time, found that medical students do not wash their hands after lessons autopsy (post-mortem), but directly to the maternity wardIs very likely that the hand of these students bring germs.

From the observation that the emergence of a recommendation, which until now has always done even campaigned, always wash hands when finished doing something, especially with regard to caring for patients.

As we know, that the germ is very easy to move through the hands. Therefore, hand hygiene and skin is very important guarded. Maintain hand hygiene and skin means to help themselves and the environment protected from Nosocomial infections (transmission of the disease when someone is hospitalized).

It looks trivial, but hand washing is a powerful way to prevent the spread of disease. Not only for the sick or those who are on the hospital environment, but also for our health and health professionals must recognize the importance of hand hygiene and skin by diligent hand washing.

And one thing that now matters is, wash hands with soap containing antiseptic especially for germs and bacteria that attach to the hands can die immediately.

Let's do a clean and healthy living culture by washing hands!

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