Carefully choose a multivitamin

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Health & Insurance----Stay fit and healthy is the desire of every person. Especially for those who have schedules and activities are very dense and busy. Of course, to always fit and healthy they must always maintain the condition of her body, either by keeping the consumption of food or sport. 

But not infrequently it is very contradictory, because with the increased activity of the disrupted eating patterns and also can not do sports.

Which is often done to improve fitness, they consume a variety of multivitamins (most of which are sold freely), sometimes without consulting the doctor.

Especially when so many ads that multivitamins are very tempting for anyone to use their products. And many of us just consume without regard komposis and the dose of multivitamins.

Many cases of people who take a multivitamin to boost stamina and drive a sense of fatigue, especially on field workers who really need the extra stamina. But it should not take multivitamins without origin indiscriminate clear identification or without a prescription.

The body needs vitamins to function properly which can actually be obtained from a healthy diet. However, if the diet is not balanced, you can get it from multivitamin supplements. But do not arbitrarily take a multivitamin, especially to ward off fatigue.

"Any multivitamin drink to ward off fatigue can make the burden of increased renal function, liver function increased by more than 3-fold," said Dr. Kasyunnil Kamal, MS., SPOK, from the Work Study Program Master of Medicine faculty of medicine.

According to Dr. Kasyunnil, taking multivitamins also requires a clear dose and should not be indiscriminate. Multivitamins without a clear dose can actually cause damage to the body, because it adds to the burden on the kidneys and liver function.

Drugs only camouflaged to overcome fatigue. Stimulants such as caffeine is also not an effective treatment for fatigue and can actually make the problem worse when the drug is stopped. Tranquilizers also tend to worsen fatigue in the long run. Be careful in choosing a multivitamin for yourself. 

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Chelonia Mydas said...

Sehat dengan mengkonsumsi vitamin, apalagi sumber vitaminnya langsung dari buah yang segar.
Top post gan.

albertotondang said...

ow,,nice info,Thanks 4 share

Ghoeszt-X said...

Nice info guys..!!!

Mommy Liz said...

Have a great weekend. Multivitamins is essential to everyone, especially most of the time, we cannot get all the nutrients that our body needs from foods that we eat. I take vitamins too, coz I believe that what I eat doesn't help my body fully. taking vitamins need precaution as well, since overdose can cause harm to the body. We can only take enough iron per day.

hope you can visit me too :)

TambelanBlog said...

I was among those who do not like to drink the type of drugs. but rather on the consumption of herbs both for treatment and to increase stamina. articles worthy of note.

Kang Helmy said...

Thanks for my site, healthy forever my friend. Success for you

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