Beware of Stomach Acid!

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Health & Insurance----Complaints are generally only synonymous with gastric ulcer disease. Though ulcer disease is not the only disease found in the stomach. One is caused by acid reflux into the esophagus. 

In medicine, the disease is referred to as Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), and can cause death.

Backflow of stomach acid into the esophagus does not only lead to GERD, this flow can also cause injury to the esophagus and ultimately lead to esophageal cancer.

Why is this backflow can occur? Advancing age, causing a ring of muscle strength on the border weakened stomach esophagus (esophageal sphincter valve to the stomach kind of spontaneously open for some period of time, or does not close properly and stomach contents forced up because of pressure toward the esophagus), gastric fluid because it can be easily go up into the esophagus.

Common signs are often experienced by people who are experiencing the disease is the presence of a burning feeling in the chest, exactly behind the breastbone. Burning sensation soon spread to the solar plexus and lasted long enough.

Another factor that could also cause acid reflux is not a healthy lifestyle, irregular eating patterns and levels of stress a person, obesity, pregnancy and smoking.

To prevent stomach acid does not rise, there are some foods that should be avoided are:
  1. Citrus fruits 
  2. Chocolate 
  3. Drinks with caffeine or alcohol 
  4. Fatty and fried foods 
  5. Garlic and onions 
  6. Mint flavorings 
  7. Spicy foods 
  8. Tomato-based foods, like spaghetti sauce, salsa, chili, and pizza

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