Beware of the Headache!!!

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Health & Insurance----Headache, everyone experienced from the only pain that feels normal to pressing and throbbing. Sometimes we are often negligent and allowed just a headache, even not rarely say "it's commonplace." 

If you have ever experienced headache that feels pressing or throbbing, but it only appears once in a while perhaps not so worrying.

However, when the severe head pain arises suddenly can be a signal that something is serious and needs emergency care, for example due to stroke, meningitis or swelling of blood vessels (aneurysm). 
Although the condition is rare, but it could not hurt to know the signs of head pain that is felt is not normal.

For some of the following symptoms of headache, you need to be addressed immediately:

1. High fever, neck stiffness and seizures.
These symptoms could be signs of meningitis, infections, inflammation of the membranes and fluid surrounding the brain and central nervous system.

About 70 percent of cases of meningitis occur in children under five, but the frequency of the disease is higher among people aged 15-24 years. 
Elderly people also tend to be more afflicted by meningitis.

Meningitis is a serious disease and cause of mortality is quite high.

2. Sudden severe headache, followed by nausea, vomiting or impaired nerve function, such as difficulty speaking or walking, can be a sign of hemorrhagic stroke.

3. Severe headache who have never experienced before could be a sign of bleeding due to rupture of blood vessels (aneurysm). 
This condition can be life-threatening.

If you've had one among the three, then immediately to go to the doctor or hospital for further diagnosis and treatment.

This is important so that if it proved the existence of one of these deadly diseases can be given help immediately and can help to treat the disease early.

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Igun Suka-Suka said...

wow info yang bermanfaat..
sukses selalu untuk anda

dylalola said...

i selalu Headache uhhu :(

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