Aneurysm, "Time Bomb" in Brain

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Aneurysm Ilustration
Health & Insurance----Maybe you often experience a very severe head pain, appeared suddenly cause seizures to a decrease in consciousness. Could this be a symptom of aneurysm rupture. Rupture of aneurysm is fatal because it can cause death from a brain hemorrhage.

Obviously the question arises, what is meant by aneurysm? Aneurysm is a brain blood vessel abnormalities that arise due to thinning and degeneration of the arterial blood vessel walls.

The causes of aneurysms are congenital abnormalities, hypertension and the presence of infection or trauma. This condition creates a weakness in blood vessel walls to form a bulge like a balloon in the vessel wall.

Thin blood vessel walls bulge was compared with normal blood vessel walls, causing vulnerable to rupture at any time unexpectedly.

In some cases, the aneurysm can occur, causing leakage of blood spilling in the brain. Bleeding due to leakage is almost always followed by a more severe outbreak of the aneurysm.

Very difficult to find the aneurysm symptoms while still in one piece and not broken, and if found is usually by accident for example when doing medical check ups.

In general, common symptoms of aneurysm rupture is a very severe head pain appears suddenly, convulsions, resulting in a decrease in consciousness. Another sign is pain accompanied by nausea and vomiting, stiff neck, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, eyelid could not be opened, paralysis of the limbs that resemble symptoms of stroke and pain in the face.

To diagnose aneurysms, angiography technique used is the examination of blood vessels using a catheter or tube that is inserted into blood vessels and given a dye (contrast). Another way to use a CT scan or MRI, but the best still using angiography technique.

If we find cases of aneurysm, you should immediately seek medical help. Routine medical examination is recommended as preventive measures to detect aneurysms.

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