Some Health Insurance Terms

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Health & Insurance----When searching for health insurance, sometimes often confused with a number of terms. Very often ask whether the meaning of the sentence?

So I try to help a little to help a list of common terms of health insurance to all, to understand better what they offer to provide medical insurance.

1. Deductible
Deductible means the amount of money to pay the insured before the insurance benefits must be used. This is usually an annual amount so that when the policy starts, usually after one year, the deductible must be reapplied. Some services, like doctor visits, without compliance with the deductibles are available. Normally there is a separate deductible amount deductible by the single-family and total costs.

2. Co-insurance
This is generally a percentage of the liability of the insured. A division of coinsurance is usually 80/20. This means that the insurer pay 80% of procedures and the insured must pay 20%.

3. Co-payments
Co-payment is a fixed amount at the time of the insured must pay the claim. It is usually necessary for doctor visits and basic drugs at the time of purchase.

4. Out of pocket
This is the price you pay out of pocket. Pocket costs may apply the amount of co-payments, coinsurance or deductible. In addition, when the output of pocket annual maximum is used, refers to the height of the insured must pay during the year from his pocket, excluding bonuses.

5. Lifetime Maximum
This is the amount of money that most insurance companies pay for a lifetime. Please note the maximum lifetime maximum lifetime of the individual and the family, because they otherwise might.

6. Exception
The exceptions are things that insurance does not cover.

7. Pre-existing conditions
This is a person before obtaining an insurance policy for something. Some plans cover pre-existing conditions, while others can be excluded and also to cover the health insurance to certain pre-existing conditions after a certain time.

8. Waiting Period
There is a waiting period for coverage of certain health insurance available.

9. Coordination of benefits
If the insured person two or more sources, including the payment of certain conditions, such as, for example, an insurance company with his wife, the insurer double advantage. In this case, make sure to coordinate insurance benefits that each plan pays part of the service.

10. Grace Period
This is the time that someone has, for the health insurance premiums after the original due date and pay before insurance coverage is canceled.

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