Dengue Vaccines Cause Pain and Swelling

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Health & Insurance----Vaccine dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) entered the final phase of clinical trials. For Jakarta, the trial was made to the 800 children held by the health centers in five regions of Jakarta. In East Jakarta, the vaccine is given in SD 01 Kampung Melayu in cooperation with the RSCM.

According to pediatrician consultant RSCM Sekartini Rini, provision of vaccines for children was the first time in ASEAN. Previous vaccine for adult tested in Thailand some time ago. So that can not be known whether dengue vaccine could be done like any other immunization. "Effectivity and protection to see whether the child a fever or not," Rini said on the sidelines of the injection, Wednesday, June 8, 2011. Immunizations are given in stages to four weeks.

Rini explained, the administration of the vaccine have side effects of pain and swelling at the injection site for one to three days of immunization given. It is known based vaccine trials in adults. The vaccine is intended for children to adults. "The dose is 0.5 cc of the same," he added.

Rini said the vaccine was obtained after a research study of dengue fever cimeric yellow 14 for 25 years at five medical schools from five ASEAN countries namely Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and Malaysia.

"Everything is simultaneously vaccinate today in countries that conduct vaccine trials," he explained.

Because it is still in testing phase, it will monitor patients receiving vaccination during the next 5 years by continuously monitoring the health of the recipient.

To obtain this immunization dengue, he added, parents will be interviewed first. "Asked of residency, child's health history. After that physically checked, there was injecting," he explained. 
Meanwhile, one of the parents, Nana Sumiarti said he was not afraid when her son injected dengue vaccine. "I want my child to be protected from dengue," he explained.

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