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Health & Insurance----Commemorating the day that coincided with the worldwide autism April 2, 2011, I feel the need to share with friends what exactly is meant by autism.

Many definitions of autism one of them according to Dr. Leo Kanner (who first introduced the term autism in 1943) autism is a pattern or way of thought that is controlled by a personal need or by oneself, responding to the world based on his own vision and expectations, and deny reality, extreme preoccupation with his own thoughts and fantasies.

Another definition says that autism is a neuro developmental disorder characterized by disruption of social interaction and communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior, thus affecting the ability of children to learn and function in the outside world is also its ability to establish relationships with members of his family.

There are 2 factors that put forward the cause of autism experts, namely:
1. Psychosocial factors, because the parents "cold" in parenting so that children become "cold"as well;
2. Interference theory neuro-biologist who mentions neuroanatomi disorders or brain biochemical disorders.

Until now the main cause of autism is not known with certainty, but there are some common causes at the genetic, cognitive, and nerve to the characteristic triad of symptoms of autism, impaired fetal brain cell growth, digestive disorders, heavy metal poisoning, and impaired auto -immune.

Symptoms of autism usually appear gradually from the age of six months and will be increasingly evident at the age of 2-3 years.

Autism can happen to anyone, regardless of social status, race, ethnicity and so forth. Therefore we must always be alert for if we find a case of autism can be helped by methods which already exist today.

Hopefully this article can give you a little picture for you about autism and it is my hope that we can give attention to people with autism. Not just celebrating the world of autism but did provide better care for them.

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