Efficacy Edamame (Japanese soybeans)

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Health & Insurance----Previously boiled soybeans are often considered a cheap meal. Those who consume these foods are also considered less modern. In fact, soy is a source of protein, fat, fiber, and antioxidants best.

With increasing knowledge of nutrition, soy is now back on the rise. Moreover since the popularity of edamame (Japanese soybeans) as a snack.

Edamame soybeans are harvested when just 80 percent mature. What distinguishes the edamame with other soybean seeds are larger, smoother texture, taste sweeter, and easier to digest.

Edamame contains antioxidants and isoflavones. Consumption of foods rich in antioxidants is associated with strengthening the body's immune system and reduce the risk of cancer.

Isoflavones are also shown to reduce the risk of prostate cancer and breast cancer, prevent heart disease, lowers blood pressure, and reduce disturbance during menopause.

Meanwhile, the protein content in the edamame reached 36 percent, much higher than mature soybeans. These snacks also contain a low oil. Combined with a high protein content, this snack is ideal for those seeking a low-fat snacks, but high in protein.

Vegetarians and vegans who want to get the protein sources are also advised to consume a complete edamame for protein content. This means it contains nine essential amino acids the body needs.

Edamame also contains no cholesterol and less saturated fat. These snacks are also rich in vitamins C and B. The content of other essential minerals like calcium, iron, or magnesium. He also contain vitamin K and folic acid.

Lastly, add the edamame in your diet will increase fiber intake. Half a cup of edamame contains 4 grams of fiber. Fiber content of the body needs to maintain a healthy digestive tract to lower cholesterol.

Another reason to eat edamame is he making the stomach feel full longer.

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