Black Tea Benefits

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Health & Insurance----So far we only know the benefits and the greatness of green tea alone. In fact, in addition to green tea there are various other types of tea that can provide a myriad of health benefits. One is black tea.

Just like green tea, black tea picked from the tea plant called Camellia sinensis. Black tea is generally more tempting and contains more caffeine than tea is not oxidized (green tea).

Even so, the content of caffeine in black tea is very low and good for circulation. In addition to caffeine, black tea also contains fluoride which is good for oral health and bone.

Different from green tea, black tea does not exist on the content of antioxidants, because it lost during the manufacturing process. But black tea has properties help fight bacteria and also strengthens the immune system.

Drinking a cup of black tea can help moisturize the skin and balance the hormone levels (preventing the onset of stress). In fact, black tea also acts as an anti-inflammatory, helps to overcome indigestion, balancing cholesterol levels, thereby reducing the risk of stroke.

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