Blood Donation for a Healthy Lifestyle

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Health & Insurance----Who would not want to be healthy? Surely no one else in this world who want the pain, even we are willing to spend enormous cost to our health is always awake. 

Many ways can be done so that our health is awake, such as exercising, eating nutritious foods, set a healthy lifestyle. One more thing that can also be done to maintain health is by way of donating blood.

Donating blood is not just an emergency response actions or social activities, but also a manifestation of good health habits.

As is often said Jusuf Kalla, (Chairman of the Indonesian Red Cross) "Blood donation should be a lifestyle community that has many health benefits, not only to help someone".

For many people, blood donation is only done when there are family or relatives who need blood. There are also people who donate blood at the time held the activities of certain groups or institutions.

There are many benefits to personal health beyond blood donation, which is when we bleed, the body will immediately produce new blood is more clean and stable levels of iron. 

Another benefit is reducing the disturbance of heart disease and reduce the burden on the kidneys. Regular donors also indirectly have their health checked regularly because of health conditions and blood donors will also be examined by officers.

To note that when a person donate blood, Red Cross Blood Donor Unit officers will check your blood with some testing such as screening for HIV and AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis and Malaria.

What are you waiting, let's make BLOOD DONOR as your Healthy Lifestyle!

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