Sharia Insurance Prospects Still Bright in Pekanbaru

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Health & Insurance----The development of insurance in the city of Pekanbaru, Riau Province of Indonesia is still showing a positive trend. Bright prospects of the insurance business is not only inconventional insurance, but also found on the Islamic insurance business.
This is evidenced by the opening of a number of sharia-based insurance company or some of the conventional insurance companies which also opens Islamic insurancebusiness unit.

"There is an increasing economic conditions provide hope to the Islamic insurance business, " said Arwin, one head of an Islamic insurance branch in the city ofPekanbaru.

"Our clients continue to rise an average of 35 to 45 percent per year. In 2011 we are targeting a premium of 500 million IDR", he added.

Islamic insurance business is not merely pursuing profit but there are sharia principles that must be implemented that is helping the deal, and bear mutual insurance amongthe participants.

In addition to the above principle, the principle of fairness, reliability, balance, welfare,universal and does not contain things that are forbidden, such obscurity, gambling,interest, persecution, bribery, immoral and illegitimate objects form the basis of Islamic insurance business.

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