Dora, Patient Sweating Blood

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Dora Indriyanti Tri Murni
Health & Insurance----Team Doctors, Hospital M. Djamil Padang, West Sumatra Indonesia is still doing intensive care for patients with blood sweat, Dora Indriyanti Tri Murni (25). Beautiful girl who is a sixth semester students of the Faculty of Law, University of Bung Hatta Padang is still equipped with the infusion and continue to be given anti-bleeding drug.

Since being treated in hospital two weeks ago, Dora in good condition although still weak and many lay in Installation-patient Hospital Inpatient M. Djamil Padang. Meanwhile, the team doctor who treats Dora kept trying to find out the disease currently attacking by checking blood samples to a laboratory in Jakarta.

The blood sample will be tested for ANA (Antinuclear Antibody test) to determine the condition of blood vessel damage. This test is to determine the damage to blood vessels (vaskulopati) patients. Until now, test results not yet out. 

This was submitted by the Head of Public Relations and Public Complaints Installation M Djamil hospital in Padang, Gustafianof. According to him, his party has so far not been able to ascertain what actually Dora's disease because they still continue to do an intensive examination. 

Team doctors also have done computer radiography scanner (CT scan) in the patient's head and the results did not reveal any abnormality. In this case, the team doctors not been able to conclude the illness Dora. 

"Early diagnosis, showed patients experienced a situation where easy bleeding (hemorrhagic diathesis)," said Dr. Sub Specialist Hematology and Oncology Consultants Irza Wahid. This condition, according to Irza, occurs because the abnormal blood vessels, the content of platelets in the blood, and blood clotting. 

In this case, platelets and hemoglobin in the blood, otherwise normal. This makes the team of doctors who handle it has not been able to conclude what the cause of her illness. 

The team doctors also tried to give food intake other than intravenous fluids to Dora who carried out since two weeks ago. This is done to maintain body condition remains strong. 

As already reported, Dora Indriyanti Tri Murni rare disease where the blood would seep from the pores of the head when thinking too hard. In some cases, blood was also out through the nose and ears. 

Apart from rare diseases, Dora received extensive attention from the public because of an amazing story. The young woman who has been orphaned, and must live with the financing both of his sister. Life is so heavy it makes him have to work as motorcycle taxi drivers, security guards and cleaners. 

Since having the disease, Dora no longer able to attend college, nor can it work to provide for her and her sisters.

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